Tour Update:
by Lil Phigget
Stage 1 took place on Thursday, July 8th and was a mass-start individual race from Goose Hollow to Fairview St, a distance of just over 2 miles - all uphill.

Stage 1 results:
1) John Dimoff - 30
2) Drew Westbrook - 24
3) Randy Goode - 19
4) Robbie Mullins - 15
5) Rick Ohlson - 12
6) Ethan Kurtz - 10
7) Brad Cota - 9
8) Chad Kessler - 8
9) John Collins - 7
10) Steve Maley - 6
11) Tony Uliano - 5
1) Mandy Giblin - 30
2) Julie Thomas - 24
3) Janet Anderson - 19
4) Kendra Kurtz - 15
5) Sheri Wakeman - 12

Stage 2 , run on Thursday, July 15th, was a handicapped race over the same route as stage 1, with staggered starting times based on flat 5k race times. Everyone competed together since the race was handicapped.
1) Sheri Wakeman - 40
2) Joe Kregal - 34
3) John Dimoff - 29
4) Steve Maley - 25
5) John Collins - 22
6) Andrew Staab - 20
7) Paul Hoffman - 19
8) Robbie Mullins - 18
9) Ethan Kurtz - 17
10) Dan Silvernail - 16
11) Rick Ohlson - 15
12) Dean Giblin - 14
13) Janet Anderson - 13
14) Kendra Kurtz - 12
15) Tina Stoner - 11
16) Drew Westbrook - 10
17) Mandy Giblin - 9
18) Julie Thomas - 8
19) Chad Kessler - 7 (injured)

Stage 3 "Storming the Bastille" was also run on July 15th and consisted of a 2 block race up hill on Vista Ave.
Results from Stage 3
1) Julie Thomas - 5
T2) Tina Stoner - 3
T2) Janet Anderson -
3 everyone else - 1
1) John Collins - 5
2) Steve Maley - 3
3) Ethan Kurtz - 2
everyone else - 1

Stage 4 was the team "Capture the Flag" competition where teams had to
carry back packs laden with books to the top while also looking for small flags to collect for points along the way. Teams had the opportunity to pass books to other teams in an effort to slow down the faster teams by making them carry more books.
1) 28 pts - The Hill Billies (John D, Brad, Ethan, Kendra, Tony, & Sheri), 5th place + 22 flag pts
2) 24 pts - I'm the Only Old Guy (Constance, Daniel, Randy G, & Rick O), 1st place + 4 flag pts
3) 23 pts - The Tree Huggers (Bin, Tiger Paul, John L, Steve, & Larry), 3rd place + 12 flag pts
4) 22 pts - The Aussie Assault (Dean, Mandy, Robbie, and Drew), 4th place + 14 flag pts
5) 18 pts - Team Balco (Dr. John, Chad, Markiemo, Julz, & Father Goose), 2nd place + 3 team spirit pts

Stage 5, "Mons Pittock", was a mass start race from the Chinese Wall below Pittock Mansion to the upper lot at Pittock, a distance of approxiamtely 800-1000m straight uphill.
1) Julie Thomas - 30
2) Mandy Giblin - 24
3) Sheri Wakeman - 19
4) Kendra Kurtz - 15
1) Drew Westbrook - 30
2) Randy Goode - 24
3) John Dimoff - 19
4) Brad Cota - 15
5) Robbie Mullins - 12
6) Dean Giblin - 10
7) Larry Winiarski - 9
8) Bin Hamar - 8
9) Daniel - 7
10) Steve Maley - 6
11) Joe Tysoe - 5
12) Ethan Kurtz - 4
13) John Collins - 3
14) Andrew Staab - 2
15) Mark Mochon - 1
16) Rick Ohlson
17) Paul Hoffman
18) Chad Kessler
19) Tony Uliano

The post race BBQ featured hot dogs, beef, and veggie burgers and a keg provided by X-Dog Events. Portland Running Company was generous enough to donate some prizes to give away while X-Dog doated a US Postal jersey. Next year promises to be even bigger and better with more of a focus on team competition, while at the same time crowning overall men's and women's champions. Special thanks to David Hatfield, who created the Tour de Goose and managed virtually all aspects of the competition.

Le Details:

Le Tour de Goose 2004

What:  The Tour de Goose is a five-stage running event fashioned after and taking place during the Tour de France.  It is open to Menís, Womenís, and Coed Team competition.

When: It occurs on three Thursday evenings, July 8th, 15th, and 22nd, during TRLís regularly scheduled Goose Hollow training run.  Starting time is around 6pm.  See individual weeks below for more details.

Where:   The runs start at the Goose Hollow Inn, 1927 SW Jefferson.  (Actual starting line will be at 20th & Jefferson.)

The Course:  The five legs are run along the normal TRL summer route between the Goose Hollow Inn and Pittock Mansion.  The course follows a combination of roads and trails.  Three legs see the runners climb from the Goose up to Fairview Blvd (approximately 2 miles.)  This route is run each of the three weeks with different twists each week.  One leg is run up Vista Ave from Burnside Street to Park Place (2 blocks.)  This occurs on Week 2 of the competition.  The final leg, on Week 3, is run up the Wildwood Trail from above Burnside to the Pittock Mansion.

Registration:  The entry fee for the Tour is $7 per individual ($5 for TRL members.)  (Or $3 per week.)  There is no additional fee for the team competition.  Registration starts at 5:45pm at the starting line (SW 20th & Jefferson) each week.

Week 1 (July 8th), Leg 1:  Race from the Goose (SW 20th & Jefferson) to Fairview Blvd.  Start time 6:10pm.¬  Points are awarded in menís and womenís competitions based on place: 30 pts (for 1st), 24 (2nd), 19 (3rd), 15 (4th), 12 (5th), 10 (6th), 9 (7th), ..., 1 (15th).

At Fairview the first place male and female will be presented with the coveted polka dot jersey.¬  The polka dot jersey is to be worn by the current race leader during each subsequent leg of the Tour and is awarded to the ultimate winner of the Tour.

Week 2 (July 15th), Leg 2: ď The HandicapperĒ :  Again race from the Goose to Fairview Blvd.  However, the start time for each individual will be handicapped based on your speed on the flat.  This is a coed competition.  Points are awarded based on place: 40 (1st), 34 (2nd), 29 (3rd), 25 (4th), 22 (5th), 20 (6th), 19 (7th), ..., 1 (25th).  A bottle of wine will be awarded to the winner.

The idea is to see who is the best climber, relatively speaking.  For instance, if you can run a 5K in 30 minutes on the flat, then your start time will be around 6:05pm, but if your 5K time is 15 minutes, then your start time will be around 6:18pm.  Therefore, when you register you need to indicate the time and distance of your best recent run.¬  (5K distance is preferable.)  Based on this time and distance your exact start time will be calculated.

Week 2 (July 15th), Leg 3  ď The Storming of the Bastille:  To celebrate the 215th anniversary of the French Revolution, race up Vista Ave from Burnside to Park Place.  This leg is contested on the way down from Pittock, so the start time will be approximately 7:15pm.  Points awarded in menís and womenís competition based on place: 5 (1st), 3 (2nd), 2 (3rd), and 1 point for everyone brave enough to attempt the feat.  The Mistah Vista trophy is awarded to the male winner.  The Bastille trophy (tall, cylindrical) is awarded to the female winner.

Week 3 (July 22nd), Leg  ď Capture the Flag Team Competition:  Race from the Goose to Fairview.  Start time 6:10pm.  (At least one member of each team needs to report by 6pm.)  Points awarded by place of 3rd team member to reach Fairview: 20 (1st), 15 (2nd), 11 (3rd), 8 (4th), 6 (5th), 5 (6th), ... , 1 (10th).  Extra points earned by finding Red Lizard flags en route.  Blue flags are worth 2 pts, white flags 4 pts, red flags 6 pts, and the French & American flags 10 pts.  3 bonus points will be awarded to the team with the best team uniform and team name --  get creative, people!  Every member of the team will receive the total number of points earned by the team.

To commemorate the spread of literacy in France prior to the French revolution, each team will be given a stack of books.  Before the start each team will take turns giving one of their books to another team.  This will serve to add a handicap to the event to make sure that the illiterate mountain folk get the books as soon as possible ;-)  For the trek up to Fairview the books may be split up amongst team members, but the teamís place isnít recorded until all the books reach Fairview.  Backpacks, or other carry devices, need to be supplied by each team.

Week 3 (July 22nd), Leg 5  -- Mons Pittock:   Race the final hill from the Chinese Walls above Burnside up to the Pittock Mansion.  Points awarded in the menís and womenís competition based on place: 30 (1st), 24 (2nd), 19 (3rd), 15 (4th), 12 (5th), 10 (6th), 9 (7th), ..., 1 (15th).

Awards Ceremony & Barbeque:  After the final leg on July 22 we will have an awards ceremony and potluck barbeque party.  Time about 7:20pm.¬  Location TBA.


* Individual Champion: The male and female to accumulate the most points during the Tour are awarded the polka dot jerseys.  (These are the jerseys worn by the current points leaders during the Tour.)  In the event of a tie there will be a runoff before the awards ceremony.

* Team Champion: The team whose top three runners (including at least one person of each gender) score the most points during the Tour win the team competition and are awarded commemorative medals.  In the event of a tie there will be a relay runoff before the awards ceremony.  Teams may have as many people as they like.

* Best Climber:  The winner of Leg 2, the Handicapper, is awarded a bottle of wine.

* The Bastille:  The male winner of Leg 3 is awarded the Mistah Vista trophy.  The female winner is awarded the Bastille trophy.

* The Lanterne Rouge:  The male and female to complete the most legs and accumulate the fewest points are awarded the traditional red lantern for faithfully taking up the back of the pack.

* Surprises:  Other ĒpremiumsĒ and awards will be announced at random and given out.

Merchandise:  Le Tour de Goose commemorative shirts will be available for purchase.

Small print:  The point scales and other details are subject to change.

Contact:   For more information contact David Hatfield ([email protected]) or refer to the Training Network forum on the TRL message board: www.bigredlizard.com/Forum2/index.php

We even have a leaders jersey.
- Dean Giblin 2003 -

The Tour De Goose is a fun competition that is a part of our regularly scheduled group run. The event takes place about the same time as the ďotherĒ Tour... the Tour De France.

The Goose Hollow Inn is located at 18th and SW Jefferson. It is one of Portlandís top watering holes.