TRL Board Meeting

3-17-04 Minutes

Present: Win, Kevin, Steve, Corey, Kendra, Ethan,Tiffany John, and Andrew. 

                 Not Present:  Mike H. (Sherpa)

A. Treasurer Report - John Harper

                     a. Monthly  Income - $60.00

                           1. Membership - $60.00

                     b. Monthly Expenses - $0.00

B. Membership - Ethan

                     a. 3 renewal

                     b. 2 new

                     c. Projects - Hand out TRL Brochures at Lake Run.

C. Sposorship - Kevin

                     a. New Benefits - None - Last month's report included all sponsorship.

                     b.Projects - Mizuno singlets (30) coming fom Tri-Sport/Speedzone.

                           1. TriSport wants to come to Wednesday's Fulton Pub Run to provide prizes and beer.

                           2. Coffee for Saturday Tryon Creek run is being served at Foot Traffic.

D. Merchandise - Kendra

                     a. New Orders - Kendra will work with Kevin to learn ordering system with club Sponsors

                             1. Board approved $200.00 for Kendra to use at her discretion when ordering items for club.

                             2. Andrew will look into ordering new magnets.


E. Key Discussions -


* Web Report - Web activity last week (3/8) was one of our better weeks for visitors

Kevin Provided some statistics for the board to observe; Top Referrers, Most Visited Pages, and Survey Results.

New Survey will be added to website.


* Tryon Creek maintenance project cancelled. Will review at another time

* GorgeFest - Kevin is offering TRL tent space at Expo. TRL will be able to sell merchandise.

* Online Store - Tri-Sport will host online store for TRL merchandise sales.

* New Brochure - Kendra will redesign new brchure for club.

* TRL is now a USATF Member

* Portland Marathon Pace Setters - It is official -  TRL will provide pace setters. John Harper will be updating the club on what the club may enjoy as benefits. Such as, table at Expo, handing out brochures, and the number of "free" entries to 2004/ 2005 Portland Marathon.

* Summer Series - Andrew Provided Board with descriptive list of selected races. Will ask race directors if TRL can set-up table and canopy at race if TRL brings a group to the selected race. Also, will look into sponsorship for awards.

* Apparell inventory - Win suggests club to inventory "seasonal apparel". Review past icons.

* Tour de Goose - Win will provide complete details for event layout soon.

* HTC - Naked Lizards - Corey, would like TRL to participate with Sponsorship. This item was tabled due to time restraints. But will list this as first item to discuss for New Business next Board Meeting.


Adjourned - 9:50pm.