Team Red Lizard Hash House Harriers

“Drinkers with a running problem”

TRL Hash Photos

Hashing is a world-wide phenomenon with over 1,500 clubs spread across the globe. But most hash clubs keep a relatively low profile; existing as almost an underground subculture of running. Because of this, many runners have never done a hash before, or even heard of hashing.

In the summer of 2003 Team Red Lizard decided to put on a quarterly hash as an opportunity to expose new runners to the fun of hashing. While hash runs aren’t for everyone; if you like beer, running, and don’t take yourself too seriously, then you’ll probably love hashing.

The Basics:

2 people (the “hares”) get a 10 min head start and set a course using baking flour to mark the way with “splashes” of flour every 40-50 ft (give or take 300 feet).

The course has typically been scouted out by the hares in advance but no flour is placed prior to the start in a “live” hash run. All TRL hashes are live.

The rest of the group then tries to catch the hares before reaching their predetermined (yet secret) end point; usually a park, bar, or dive restaurant (a “hash house” in British terms, hence the terms “hash house harriers”, and “hashing”). Food and beverage are served at the end and an informal ceremony, called “religion” takes place whereby people drink from the hash sacred vessel, which is considered a great honor and a tribute to the hashing gods!

For information on the history of hashing, which dates to the 1938’s in Malaysia, click here: http://www.gthhh.com/bible/biblepage.asp?zzz=&bookno=1&chapterno=1

TRL Hash House Harrier’s schedule:

TRL Hash #1 – Hares: MarkieMo and Father Goose

   Location: Lake Oswego

   Date: July 2003

TRL Hash #2- Hares: Carolina Moon and Shitter

   Location: North Portland

   Date: October 2003

TRL Hash #3  Hares: Father Goose and TDG

   Location: West Linn

   Date: May 16, 2004

TRL Hash #4  Hares: TBD

   Location: TBD

   Date: July, 2004