Team Red Lizard Board Meeting Notes:

This is a condensed summary. If you would like more information, please contact the secretary, .

January 2004 Meeting -
Members Present: Win Goodbody, David Hatfield, John Harper, Kevin Foreman, Steve Sexton, Mike Hendrickson, Corey Folske, Becky Henry, Ethan Kurtz, Kendra Kurtz, Andrew Staab, Tiffany Amber Theisen.

Key Report Information:  

Sponsorship Report - Kevin Foreman

Foot Traffic
in lake Oswego will host the Saturday TRL morning runs from the store (9:00 AM).  The runs are not currently a part of the official schedule. They will have coffee available compliments of Team Red Lizard.  The coffee maker was donated by X-Dog Events, and the coffee is being supplied by Millstone and the Hood River Coffee Comapany. A sign and brochure holder will be displayed. Foot Traffic is providing some prizes to give away to run participants.

Tri-Sport will sponsor the Wednesday Night Fulton Pub Run.  Tri-Sport will provide prizes for give away (random) to participants, and they will provide (about once per month) some libations at the run finish. 

Tri-Sport donated some jerseys to be given away at the Goose Hollow Thursday Night Run. 

Membership Report - Andrew Staab

There were a couple new memberships and a couple renewals. We need more membership brochures.

Treasurer Report - John Harper

The club has more than $1,000 in the bank. 
Revenues in addition to membership fees:
$100 from X-Dog Events for event/volunteer support.


* Board Elections to be held next month. Positions available:
 - President
 ++ Presides over meetings
 ++ Oversees all committee / board positions
 ++ Serves as spokesperson for Team Red Lizard
 - Vice President
 ++ Assists presidents, and acts as president when the president is not available.

 - Treasurer
 ++ Collects and disburses funds as directed by the board.
 - Secretary
 ++ Takes minutes and posts agenda for board meetings.
 - Membership Director
 ++ Responsible for maintaining the general membership of Team Red Lizard.
 ++ Distributes membership T-Shirts, cards and brochures.  Handles membership inquiries.
 - Four “At Large” Positions
 ++ The ‘at large’ positions handle a variety of responsibilities. The Sponsorship Coordinator and Apparel Director, are ‘at large’ positions.  The other two positions will help with other board activities.

prepared by Steve Sexton

Most new business was tabled due to the pending election discussions. Here are a few comments:

Community Service Projects endorsed - Blanchet House and Special Olympics.

Round table Brainstorming Ideas for club;

Win - BBQ for after Group run

David H. - X-Country Race

Ethan - follow up on David's idea; Have an event that is unique to TRL..

Andrew - To enhance more participation by membership. Enhance Image.

Kevin - Would like to see seven present members become board members.

John - Bring more money into club to finance more activities.

Becky - More affiliation with Portland Marathon and Training Clinic.

Corey - To promote TRL activities at group runs. Provide accurate info of volunteer opportunities to increase awarness.

Tiffany - Keep in mind and focus within running communities. Promote events and activities.

Sherpa - Like to see club grow to make more things happen.

Kendra - Provide more encouragement to others when they are training or have competed in running events.

Steve - Encourage participation to the Special Olympics Regional Track Meet in May. 


Board Meetings

Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month.  Members are welcome to attend.  The meetings take place at Hanko’s Sports Pub in Lake Oswego (Mountain Park).