TRL Board Meeting

4-21-04 Minutes


Present: John, Steve, Andrew, Tiffany, Kevin, Ethan, Kendra, Corey,Win.


A. Treasurer Report ( as of 4/21) -  John

                   a. Monthly income - $208.00

                   b. Expenses - USATF - $60.00


B. Membership - Ethan

                   a. 2 - renewal - 1 new

                   b. Projects - 1. Hand out new brochures at Lake Run.

                                       2. Working on post card for membership renewal - will have sample at next meeting.


C. Sponsorship - Kevin

                   a. Speedzone working with TRL for membership promotion, till May 1.

                   b. Trail Runner magazine to Run Leaders to give away.

                   c. Dasani water to be available soon.

                   d. Gift Certificates and prizes to be provided at next board meeting for Club give-aways.


D. Web Report -

                 a. Updated

                 b. Online store has been updated

                 c. New E-mail list will be launched next week.


E.Merchandise - Kendra

                   a. Apparel sales - $32.00

                   b. Apparel Spreadsheet handed out.

                   c. Projects - will have apparell discounts for First Friday at Luckey Lab.


Old Business -


USATF Membership - Andrew received confirmation, IT'S OFFICIAL!


GorgeFest Events - TRL will be involved by hosting a booth at Cascace Locks - May 29 - 30 and at Hood River - June 5, 11am to 8pm, - June 6, 10am to 4pm.  Will be able to sell apparel and promote club at both sites.

Than you, Kevin.


Portland Marathon Pace Setters - TRL is hoping to get (1) free 2005 Portland Marathon membership for each pace group offered. Board evaluated ideas to giveaway memberships. More to come!


Summer Series -


Andrew has completed brochure for TRL's "Summer Series Kickoff Party". Brochures have been handed out to area running stores.

Win, has sold, to club, "Away Apparel". These will be sold at 1st Friday.


New Business -


Andrew -

                   a. Ordered new magnets (500) - twice as thick - will arrive in two weeks.

                   b. Fulton Pub has agreed to team with TRL to provide T's with their logo and TRL's logo to be used as awards for the 75 Mile Club. Andrew will have note book at Fulton to log-in all mileage of participants.


HTC Naked Lizards - Ask for TRL support. Win/Corey will come to next meeting with proposal of their needs and support for Board discussion.


Kendra - Presented lay-out of TRL brochure. Asked for opinions for changes before final draft. Kendra will Email design for approval. Great job, Kendra!!


Kendra - Request club to purchase digital camera. Will provide proposal at next meeting.


Special Olympics Update - Volunteer drive is still ongoing. Special Olympics recently request up to 130 volunteers for the regional track meet. Due to the event date (June 13th), requesting students from area high schools has been difficult.


Steve, will post request for additional volunteer help.


Adjourned - 9:30pm